Top 5 Job Oriented Courses for Indians In Australia

Jobs in australia for indian students

Indian students who have recently completed their class 12 or Bachelor’s degree often start looking for overseas education programs followed by approaching a few foreign education consultants to help them out with the same. Australia is very popular, overseas education destination for students across the globe, you’d witness that if you’ve ever been there. Apart from being popular for its natural wonders and beaches, Australia has also developed itself as the best destination for students looking for masters or MS degree/certification. The reason why you’d see many Indians flock to this beautiful country, miles away from their home is because, it has a lot to offer, right from having the best universities to secure job opportunities in the future. Through this article, we’d like to familiarize you with some of the top job oriented courses in Australia for Indians.

So what are the top 5 job-oriented courses available in India?

Let’s take a look…

1. Nursing/Medical

Nursing or medical science is one the top and demanding sectors that is constantly looking for qualified professionals. Therefore, it is considered as a popular job-oriented course in Australia that guarantees students lucrative career opportunities. Australia is currently looking for experts in dental hygiene, dental technician work, and dental therapy.

2. Engineering

There is a constant increase in the demand for engineers in Australia across various sectors i.e civil, structural, mechanical, aeronautical, biomedical, petroleum, biomedical, agriculture, telecommunications etc.

3. Anything IT

Australia is currently facing a shortage of IT professionals which obviously means that the requirement for good IT professionals is in high demand. Occupations such as business analysts, software engineers, cyber security expert etc require students to have certain medium and long-term strategic skills that they can easily attain by taking up a bachelor level IT course that is easily available in most of the top universities in Australia.

4. Childcare

The Australian economy is constantly in search of qualified childcare professionals, the reason being an increase in the number of women joining the workforce which means more and more children are being dropped at childcare centers. The availability of graduates to join this sector is limited and when demand exceeds expectations, the number of vacancies too increase.

5. Accountancy

Students composing of good mathematical and quick calculation skills can certainly look for accountancy jobs in Australia. Australia has a good scope for those who are extremely talented.

These courses are easily available at some of the top universities in Australia and in order to be eligible for the same, all you need is either an HSC certification or a Bachelor’s degree.

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Study in Canada – Don’t Believe the Myths!!

study in canada

Studying and living abroad does seem daunting, firstly since you’re going to be away from home and secondly due to several myths you’ve heard about a place to wish to go to. We recently came across 8 myths about why study in Canada was stroked off students study abroad list. But would it be logical enough for you to believe lame myths over the internet and give up on your dreams? Absolutely not. So let’s quickly move on those 8 myths, followed by logical reasons for not believing in them.

Let’s begin

  1. Visa Hassle

This is a pure myth. It’s not that tricky to get a Canadian student visa especially if you getting it done from one of the well know foreign education consultants in India. They will help you prepare a good visa application.

  1.  It’s all about Toronto

Toronto may be a famous city, but that’s not the only place for students to study and work in Canada. Cities such as Victoria, Halifax and Windsor too are equally good and pleasing to live in particularly in the case of international students.

  1. Your fluency in French is a must

You’ve certainly heard it wrong.  Both English and French are the official languages in Canada. There no such compulsion that one should be fluent enough in French too in order to be eligible for a study abroad program. Also remember that Canada is home to a huge chunk of Indians too, so if in case you feel lost, you know exactly who to look up to or approach.

  1. Dead Cold

Not really! there are places in Canada that have mild winters too, for example British Columbia and Victoria are some of those places that experiences a pleasant and warm summer with modest snow-white winters. People who want to enjoy winter sports, the type of weather should not be a huge concern.

  1. Unsafe

The overall crime rate in the country is the lowest as compared to the Statistics of Canada. In fact it is one of the safest countries to study and live in.

  1. Immigrants should stay away!!

Don’t even think about it. That’s not the attitude people in Canada live with. They’re very friendly in nature and open to international students living among them.  And since there a lot of your Indian brothers and sisters out there, loneliness will never surround you. We bet you on that.

  1. Unaffordable

Who said so? Canada offers international students with some of the most affordable study options. Please do your research well and think twice before you make a decision. Also remember; never make monetary worries form a barrier between you and your dreams. You will certainly get back the amount you paid; all you need to do is study wholeheartedly.

  1. Getting your PR is difficult

The express entry system has made things very clear stating that students can study and settle in Canada once they’ve graduated from some of the recognized universities in Canada. So if you’re looking forward to permanent residency in Canada, make sure you get into one of the best and recognized universities.

Believing in myths and taking things forward is certainly not the right way. Why do we have the internet then? If you have any doubt regarding Canada or for that instance any other country, don’t just go with the flow, do your research and do it via reliable sources, this will help you take the right decision. Good Luck!

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Study Abroad Plans On Your Mind? Don’t Miss Out On These 7 Interrogations !!

study abroad

Moving overseas for education according to the current scenario seems to have become more of a trend rather than a necessity. We suggest that you don’t choose to study abroad just because you see your best friends or cousins do the same. We’re unique in our own ways, similarly our choices and interests too differ from each other.

Do you still wish to study in USA, Canada or in short any overseas country? Pause for a minute and ask yourself the following 7 questions before you decide to dive in.


It is important to figure out why and for what reason have you chosen another country rather than your very own home country for the sake of education. Stop following the herd and do what you feel is best for you. If you do find concrete answers to this question, hop onto the next question and do look for genuine overseas education consultants online.


We’re aware that the world isn’t a small place and every country is diverse in its own way, so it is crucial that you figure out the right destination for yourself and as per your requirements. Refrain from following what the world does, even when it comes to choosing this. People might choose USA, China, Singapore but the list does not end there, there more to choose from, so think twice, thrice or as much as you would like.

Consider the following factors, before you take a final call:

  1. Population
  2. Culture

III. Climatic conditions

  1. Employment opportunities
  2. Cost of living
  3. Quality of education


After deciding upon your host country, another important decision that follows is, to choose the right course that suits your interests. Now let us put Google at work, look for courses offered by the universities of your host country and study the curriculum of various programs carefully.


Since the cost of living and fees for completing one’s education abroad differs from country to country, make sure that you have your finances in place. Although there are a few countries that allow students to work on a part-time and fortnightly basis. But, it is very important that you get your finances in place well in advance. Students who can’t afford this, can also apply for an education loan.


If you’ve completed your MBA from any of the prestigious universities abroad like for example The Harvard Business School or else The Kellogg School of Management, it is obvious that you’ll enjoy a better advantage as compared to MBA students from a not so well known Indian institute. This certainly does not belittle the MBA programs offered by Indian institutes. But, to be honest employers prefer to hire candidates holding an international degree with relevant experience over others. Additionally, studying abroad all offers you various other benefits, for example giving students an opportunity to attain a secure job in that country itself.


It may sound obscure but yes this is yet another question that you need to think over and ask yourself time and again. Living in a new country, with new people and everything new, it get’s difficult to adjust and believe it or not with time you are gonna feel homesick (that goes without saying). If you’ve already made up my mind and are firm on your decision, you should mentally prepare yourself for what’s going to come your way. But looking at the brighter side of being all by yourself is that, you become more responsible, independent etc.


As the famous saying goes “ A stitch in time saves 9” similarly in this case planning in advance will save the mess and hassle later on. Always have a plan of action in mind, a to-do-list for a year-long plan that will help you in the long run especially when it comes to your career. By now you’re well acquainted with the whole concept of studying abroad and what it takes to acquire an international degree, so it’s time you also throw light on what are your plans next. Are you willing to look for a job in that country itself or do you wish to return back to your home country and start a business of your own. The choice is all yours, you only need to organize things rightly.

Following these steps religiously is very essential, failing which you might face a bit of a bumpy ride in regards to fulfilling your study abroad dream.

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4 Reasons Why Study in Australia Could Be Your Best Decision Ever !!

why study in australia

Why choose Australia for study?

Because, Be it culinary or top management courses Australia has it all. With world-class universities to an affordable and carefree lifestyle, Australia has certainly gained immense popularity among students across the globe who flock to Australia every year for study abroad purposes.

So, the next time you have relatives question you, “Why study in Australia you certainly have a lot to tell them.

The following is a quick list of the benefits of studying in Australia for international students.

Wide Range of Courses To Choose From:

The island country as it’s popularly known as, Australia, houses an overall population of 23 million, of which many consists of international students who have emigrated to Australia to acquire an international degree. The Australian education department consists of about 22000 courses with approx 1100 institutes. Aspiring candidates have a lot to pick from in terms of both institutes and courses.

The Top Universities of Australia are:

  1. Charles Sturt University – CSU
  2. Flinders University
  3. Queensland University of Technology
  4. Southern Cross University – SCU
  5. Australian National University
  6. University of Sydney
  7. Curtin University
  8. La Trobe University – Sydney and Melbourne
  9. Edith Cowan University
  10. Griffith University
  11. Deakin University
  12. University of South Australia
  13. Western Sydney University

Australia’s National Quality Assurances System:

Australia’s national quality assurance system is different both in its rigorousness and constitution. Students hailing from various international countries along with their parents relish a unique financial assistance and level of protection. The country is bounded up to offer students with superior education, be it for national or international students.

The Australian Quality Training Framework has been established by the Government of Australia to fortify the quality assurance procedures in the education sector.

You Can Work With A Student’s Visa:

In search for ways to cut down the price of studying in Australia? You’ll be amazed by the fact that Australia is far different from other nations when it comes to Australia student visa requirements and restrictions. Although it is mandatory to have a students visa in order to enter the country, the perks of having one are amazing and this is what sets it apart from all other nations. Student visa holders are eligible for employment in Australia. Students can work up to 40 hours every two weeks in jobs that demand only basic skills such as grocery stores, cafes(F&B services). These jobs can drastically cut down the cost of studying overseas in Australia.

You Won’t Feel Alone:

With tons of international students all over Australia, trust me you’ll never feel homesick or lonely. Besides, then number of activities that it offers to students, it’s attractive tourist attractions etc will keep you involved that you’ll hardly have time to think of the family you’ve left behind. Meeting different people will give you an experience of a lifetime. Moreover, Aussies are very friendly in nature so be sure you’re gonna find some amazing people and have friends for life.

Final thoughts:

Australia offers a lot more than that what I’ve specified here. It gives you memories that you’ll always cherish. The education system and universities in Australia is world famous so be least assured when you decide on emigrating to Australia for your further studies.

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Here are a Few Things You Don’t Need to Pack in Your Bag for Study Abroad

Packing To Study Abroad

Pursuing a study program in a foreign country is indeed an exhilarating experience. There are numerous aspects that need to be looked at – the most important one being your luggage. Quite often students get carried away with the items they need to take with them, and hence pack more than what is required. Given that most flights have baggage limits for students traveling internationally, it becomes necessary to pack wisely.

Following are five things not to put in your suitcase when you are packing for your study abroad program.

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Tips for Parents and Students Planning to Study Abroad

Tips For Parents and Students Studying Abroad

A decision to study abroad is one of the boldest decision a student may ever make in his career. Taking such a step helps students achieve a high degree of independence as they are separated from their parent’s cocoon. Students have to do daily chores, like cook their own food, do their own laundry, and tidy up their place, besides other routines. Sometimes, parents get the jitters when they realize that their children will soon leave the nest and spread their wings to soar high in the sky.

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Do You Want to Study and Work in New Zealand?

Work and Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is known throughout the world for its quality education and beauty. In New Zealand, many universities offer the program of on-the-job training.

If you are currently studying in New Zealand and if you want to work in New Zealand after completing your degree, then you must obtain a Visa under the Study to Work section. To acquire a work Visa, you must fulfill some medical and personal requirements. You can obtain the Visa more easily if you are well-qualified.

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Study and Work in Canada

Study and Work in Canada

When a student pursues higher studies in Canada, then he/she will obviously seek for a job in Canada. The student can obtain a work permit and work in Canada for a longer duration. In Canada some of the most reputed institutions are established such as University of Toronto,   McGill University, York University, and University of Alberta.

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Studying in New Zealand – Ultimate Guide for Indian Students

NZ Guide For indian Students

Deciding to study abroad for Indians is not easy, however there are many reasons to consider New Zealand as your best study option. We have attempted at building a comprehensive guide for the benefit of Indian students

So, Why New Zealand for Education? Overall quality and reputation of the Universities, Polytechnics and Private Training Institutions or Private Colleges  is top-notch. The institutions are diverse in size and location, and offer a wide range of general and specialized courses.

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Why Study In Canada?

Why Study in Canada

Canada is one of the most developed nations of the world and hence several job opportunities are available. Some of the most reputed universities that are situated here are the Athabasca University, University of Calgary, and Calipano University. Canada is always considered as a great place for learning and imparting education.  The students can secure top-level jobs in any counterparts of the world if they attain a degree from top universities. Many people migrate to Canada because they can obtain a job in some of the top companies of Canada such as A&W, Advance Gold, and many more. Mostly, students migrate to Canada to attain a valuable education.

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