Study in Australia vs Study in New Zealand

STudy in Aus vs Study in NZ

So, you’re deciding to do your graduation at either a good Australian or Kiwi university, and you can’t decide which one to pursue. Well, to begin with, it’s the third most preferred country for international students after the USA and UK. That says a lot about Australia.

Choosing between these two countries–Australia and New Zealand–is done on these parameters:

 Quality of universities and programs offered in Australia vs. New Zealand:

 Australia: Australian universities are centered at Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, among other cities. Of these, Sydney has the largest range of universities and programs, including the University of Sydney and Macquarie University. Here, besides classroom studies, field study is also undertaken, particularly in the sciences and often trips to the Great Barrier Reef or the Outback are undertaken. Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane offer top class arts programs and research facilities, apart from other benefits.

 New Zealand: In New Zealand, your choices of places to study at are limited to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. The University of Auckland has the widest range of programs, from Hebrew to political science to music, dance, fine arts, sports medicine and wine science. Wellington’s Victoria University offers research-based degree and post-graduate courses. If you choose the picturesque University of Canterbury, Christchurch,  you can benefit from the flexibility of doing one semester or one year and then transferring back to your home country.

Dunedin’s University of Otago, the country’s first university, is where you should go for medicine, business management, physical education, surveying, etc.

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 Australia: Australia’s closest neighbor is New Zealand in Oceania and both are a long way for anyone from any part of this world. Their unique location gives them a special appeal and perhaps the fact that it’s below the equator gives students that exploratory feel to venture into Australia.

 New Zealand: A neighbor of big brother Australia, it cannot compare with the former’s size and range of climate types, but its unique island structure gives it an edge over Australia in terms of being home to the widest range of flora and fauna and snow-filled mountains. It is also home to several adventure sports, something the youth freak out on.

Breathtaking landscapes:

Australia: Australia has several scenic beauties–the Great Barrier Reef, virgin beaches, Ayers Rock, desert land, etc. It also has world-class cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

New Zealand: New Zealand, though tiny, has mountains, black sand beaches, fjords and ski slopes to boast of, each one affording breathtaking landscapes.

 Cost of living:

Australia: Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are expensive cities, but you can find your level of fun.

New Zealand: In comparison with Australia, life in this island nation is far less expensive.

Besides the above, it is necessary to say here that New Zealand has a lot to offer students who love the outdoors, those who are geeky and bookish. Society is multicultural, so there is open acceptance of everyone who enters this country from any ethnic background, provided he lives within the law of the land. Whatever be a student’s focus and his priorities, New Zealand has a lot to offer everyone.


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