Tips for Parents and Students Planning to Study Abroad

Tips For Parents and Students Studying Abroad

A decision to study abroad is one of the boldest decision a student may ever make in his career. Taking such a step helps students achieve a high degree of independence as they are separated from their parent’s cocoon. Students have to do daily chores, like cook their own food, do their own laundry, and tidy up their place, besides other routines. Sometimes, parents get the jitters when they realize that their children will soon leave the nest and spread their wings to soar high in the sky.

It is, however, important for both students and parents to understand the implications of pursuing an international study program and not to fret over minor issues. Following are few tips for students studying abroad and for their parents.

For parents

  1. Handle last minute doubts

It is quite common for students as well as their parents to have last minute doubts as to whether they have taken the right decision. Parents may worry about missing their children while they are away. It is quite normal to get such feelings. It is important relax and focus on how much the child will gain from this experience.

  1. Consider social networks to maintain contact

With numerous messaging applications available these days, maintaining contact is not that big a problem. Parents may use Skype, Whatsapp, IMO, Facebook, or any other social media platform to be in regular contact with their children. Students may also visit their families if they wish to do so. All student visas are multiple entry, so students may travel back to meet their families during the holidays or during semester breaks. If the destination country is not far away, parents may also visit for a short period of time. Foreign education consultants generally recommend that parents visit their children at the end of the course as study programs are generally structured with very little free time.

  1. Encourage safety

Most programs have extensive safety plans and have been designed to provide a safe environment for international students. Universities brief students about safety procedures and emergency preparedness during orientation sessions, and also have such information mentioned in handbooks. Parents may have a look at these handbooks and may encourage their children to follow the instructions.

For students

  1. Take advantage of every opportunity

Students studying abroad acquire a unique set of skills which helps in developing their personal as well as their professional life. They gain a new perspective on culture and imbibe a willingness to learn. Such students are also exposed to new opportunities and may therefore take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.

  1. Make yourself at home

Students often face a cultural shock in the new country. It is therefore imperative to prepare yourself well in advance. Learn about your host country – its cuisine, fashion styles, places to explore, and much more before you travel. You may set learning goals while abroad and take up a new hobby. Also learn to keep an open mind and avoid stereotypes.

You may also approach education consultants, who will provide advice on how to adjust in the new country. These education counsellors will guide and help you have a smooth transition process. Consultants also help to choose the right university, the best course, and also offer support for both parents and students. You may also approach a student visa consultant in Mumbai, who will help you with the visa application process and offer the best help required.


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