Education and Living Cost

Singapore has grown rapidly in the past years to become a developed nation. The country is highly urbanized and has a high per capita income. Many students throng to Singapore due its high living standards. The approximate cost for accommodation per month is around SGD $500-$700. It is important to note that the rent may vary from region to region, type of accommodation, facilities provided, and number of people sharing the place. The average expenses for food is around SGD $300 - $450 while that of transportation is SGD $50. Students pursuing a full-time course in Singapore may avail of concessions on Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and public buses. In terms of utilities, the average expenses per month amounts to SGD $40-$100. This amount includes the cost for water and electricity.

The cost of education in Singapore is lower as compared to other top destination such as USA, UK, New Zealand or Canada. The fee structure of varied programs depends on the university, the course and the duration of the program. On an average, the cost for a six-month to 2-year Diploma course may vary between SGD $5000-$20000. A 2-4 years Bachelor's course may cost up to SGD $24000-$55000, while a 1-1.5 years Master's program may cost SGD $18500-$30000 . It is imperative that students in Singapore are covered by a medical or a health insurance policy. The approximate cost for health insurance is SGD $45 per year, which includes all medical expenses incurred while studying in the country.