Popular Field of Education and Average Incomes

With top class universities, high quality of education, practical teaching methods, world-class infrastructure, and multicultural environment, Europe attracts students from all across the globe. Besides, universities in Europe offer numerous higher education options - both at Bachelors and at Master’s level. The popular field of education offered at Bachelor’s level includes - Business, Law, Engineering and Humanities. If you have already completed your graduation and wish to pursue your Master’s in Europe, you may choose from the many courses offered. The most common fields of study at Master’s level include MS in Engineering and MBA.

As far as the average salary in Europe is concerned, it is important to note that the average salary among different European countries differ. The average annual gross salary in France is EUR 58,734, while that in Italy is EUR 33,273. Wages in Germany is EUR 3745 per month and that in Spain is EUR 2010.73 per month.