Institute Polytechnic of Santarem

is a public polytechnic higher education institution in the service of society, committed to qualifying senior citizens, for the production and dissemination of knowledge, creation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge of a professional nature, culture, science, technology, the arts, targeted research and experimental development, emphasizing the centrality of the student and the surrounding community in an international framework.

It is recognized as a center of development and a reference in education, culture and research developed in the region, created in the 70s, currently includes five Schools, four in the city of Santarém and the city of Rio Maior. The IPS Santarem International School is a unit that implements the international strategy for the development of the Institute Polytechnic of Santarem, constituting an explicit priority in its strategic plans. The aim is to promote and co-ordinate the International educational programs and to support the foreign students.

IELTS is not required.

Reasons to Study in Portugal?

  • Universities with excellent track records and reputations
  • Portugal is by far the cheapest country in Western Europe
  • The Portuguese have a well-deserved reputation for being hospitable
  • Learn Portuguese – a global language
  • It opens up doors for your future

Study Areas

Bachelor Programs

Programs Duration Fees
Food Technology 3 years Application: 125 Euros

Enrolment: 507 Euros

Tuition: 2,535 Euros

Plastic Arts and Multimedia
International Business
Physical Activity and Lifestyle


Masters Programs

Programs Duration Fees
Mediterranean Ago-Silvo Pastoralism 2 years Application: 125 Euros

Enrolment: 300 Euros

Tuition: 1,500 Euros

Education and Multimedia Communication
Information Systems Management
Sports Training


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