Lipscomb University

1. Introduction

Marymount California University, a private educational institute founded in 1968 as Marymount College Palos Verdes, is a popular choice for international students seeking to pursue their higher education in the US. With around 23 acres of campus size, the University has a lot to offer – quite literally! This Catholic institution of higher learning encourages students belonging to various backgrounds to pursue lives of service and leadership. The University has two campuses in Los Angeles County, each one distinct in its own way. The Oceanview Academic Campus is located at Palos Verdes, while The Villas Residential Campus is at San Pedro.

Marymount has tirelessly strived to offer a transformative educational experience for its students. Its commitment towards growing and changing to meet the ever-evolving educational needs of the community is indeed amazing. The University has always adhered to the principles of its founding order, i.e. the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, thereby providing a strong base to build a lifetime of success.

Marymount California University ranking is No. 15 in the Regional Colleges West Category according to the U.S. News & World Report Ranking. There are numerous reasons for this high ranking. The University offers world-class education with its programs being recognized worldwide. Besides, the student to faculty ratio at this university is 17:1, which dictates that the average class size is 17 students. This facilitates higher interactivity, better communication, individual attention, and increased participation between the instructor and the students. The University is known to offer programs in various disciplines, including Business, Accounting, Digital Communication Media, Biology, Management, and Psychology, among others.

If you love to get close to nature, then Marymount is an ideal choice. The University boasts of gorgeous and mesmerizing views – one that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. So much so, that numerous production companies have chosen this location for Hollywood films, television and commercial shoots. All the funds received from the agencies are given to deserving students in the form of Marymount California University scholarships.

The University educates and challenges its students to grow spiritually and think critically. It is here that you are rest assured of building skills that encourage lifelong learning. Through its core values of tradition, openness, integrity and service, Marymount strives to assist its students to reach their goal of higher education.

2. Courses Offered

If you choose to pursue your undergraduate or graduate program at Marymount, then you can be part of something amazing known as ‘Marymount experience’. This indicates that you have made the right decision to have a fruitful learning experience – through comfortable and small classroom size, state-of-the-art learning environment, highly experienced professors, plentiful of opportunities- and so much more. The faculty here at Marymount love interacting with students, develop real-world projects to enhance student learning, and also mentor student research. What’s more is that the University considers recreation and sports as an important part of collegiate life, and hence you may have fun while you study.

Marymount is indeed the University that you must consider if you are looking to develop on a personal and professional level. With various programs offered in different disciplines, you may make the right choice based on your preferences and area of interest. Following are nine undergraduate programs offered at Marymount.

  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business
  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication Media
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts / Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

These Bachelor degrees offer a wide range of concentrations and electives, such as human performance, marketing, and computer information systems, to name a few.

Marymount also offers Master in Business Administration (MBA) program which may be completed in just over 1 year. Through the program, you develop leadership traits, demonstrate evidence-based decision-making skills, prepare effective presentations, analyze business opportunities, and much more. This program is made available to undergraduates too. Marymount allows undergraduates to complete BA and begin MBA at the same time. This means that you will be able to complete your Bachelor’s degree and MBA in just five years!

Before enrolling at Marymount California University, international students are required to demonstrate proficiency in English language. To secure admission into any of the programs, it is necessary to have an IELTS score of 6.0 and above or TOEFL score of 69 iBT. Alternatively, you may hold a SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing score of 460 or more, or ACT English score of 15 or higher AND ACT Reading score of 18 or higher.

3 .Amenities offered

Marymount University is committed towards supporting the learning of their students by providing a host of amenities. Right from the time you enter the campus to graduation, you may avail of numerous services – both on an academic front as well as non-academically.

Marymount has created a space, known as ‘The Commons,’ to encourage collaborative or individual study. You may also seek the assistance of tutors to develop time management skills, study skills, writing, math, accounting, and science.

The University has made available a Learning Management System, wherein you may access your course details, assignments, course contents, student activities, syllabi, gradebooks, course calendars, and more.

Another resource made available to students is the library. The library has a massive collection of over 114,000 e-books and 23,000 print books. Besides, you have access to over 32,000 newspapers, magazines, and journals. Through such resources, you may support your curricular and personal information needs.

You may be pleased to know that Marymount has an Internship & Career Planning Office dedicated solely towards offering career-related guidance. The staff guides students in selecting the most appropriate career path – one that matches their strengths and interests. There are various workshops held to help create strong and professional resumes and cover letters. The team also provides internship and job search techniques as well as variety of career planning resources. Additionally, you may receive knowledge of the current employment trends, skill set needed for employment, salary ranges, and more.

Marymount goes out of its way to make all their services and programs accessible to those with disabilities, which includes sensory, attention, physical and learning disabilities. Some of the disability resources are provided through Career, Advising and Learning Services.

At the Marymount California University bookstore, you may purchase textbooks, merchandise, apparel, and gifts. Just adjacent to this bookstore is the Student Wellness Center office. This center offers support with health holds, medical records, community referrals, and health information. The Wellness office also provide counseling services with respect to relationship problems, crisis intervention, homesickness, depression, substance abuse, meditation, and conflict resolution.

It is rightly said – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. To make your learning experience fun, you may participate in various clubs and organizations. Through these student organizations, you may explore your social, political, spiritual, recreational, and service interests. Some common clubs that you may participate in are the drama club, journalism club, peer health education society, and psychology club, among others.

In terms of accommodation, Marymount offers resort living experience at their Villas. These are two-story townhomes that come with a living room, garage, kitchen and patio. They are full-furnished, air-conditioned, and include numerous utilities such as Wi-Fi and cable. Some other amenities offered at the villas are full-time security, laundry room, study lounges, fitness facilities, and snack shops. You may also indulge in fun-filled sports like basketball and volleyball.

Through the aforementioned services and amenities, you may make the most of your journey at Marymount California University campus. You may enrich your personal and professional life, develop the necessary skills, climb the ladder of success, and achieve your life goals.