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A Master of Business Administration or MBA degree opens up opportunities for personal growth, career advancement, and higher financial reward. Many students aspire to complete their master’s degree at an international level. One of the most sought after study abroad locations is USA.

The reasons to pursue MBA in USA are many – academic flexibility, various cultures, research and training opportunities, and cutting edge technology, among many others. Following are four major reasons to study in USA.

  1. Excellent international reputation

    Most top MBA colleges in USA are among the best universities in the world. Such universities have a good international reputation, with high academic standards. MBA courses offered at these universities provide in-depth theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience. Besides, they offer innovative learning patterns that use techniques beyond the classroom. You may also avail of facilities such as seminars, case studies, and guest lectures by professionals in the field.
  2. Better placement opportunities

    Students who pursue an MBA from the US are at a better position to work at an international level with a good package. Employers seek those who have an international degree, as such students develop a skill set best-suited for managerial positions. Students inculcate leadership skills, public-speaking skills, and communication skills, among others.
  3. Availability of numerous options

    MBA universities in USA offer specialization in numerous fields, such as marketing, finance, information technology, engineering management, human resources, and other types of management programs. You may therefore explore various options and select the one best-suited to your academic interests.
  4. Ideal for networking

    Management schools provide a great opportunity for MBA students to meet people. You may build networks with leaders in the industry, recruiters, entrepreneurs, and much more. Building such a network proves to be beneficial in the future.

Requirements for obtaining admission at US universities

The eligibility criteria to qualify for an MBA degree varies from university to university. However, the basic criteria remain the same.

  1. Educational qualification

    In order to qualify for a master’s degree in the US, it is necessary to have a 3-years bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree. To provide proof of your academic qualification, it is necessary to submit your Standard X mark sheet, Standard XII mark sheet, and Bachelor’s degree certificate.
  2. Examinations

    Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and IELTS are standardized tests accepted by most US universities. It is necessary to pass this test to get closer to your dream university. Alternatively, you may also give your GMAT or GRE to gain admission into a US university.
  3. Necessary documentation

    Since preference is generally given to students with work experience, you may submit proof of the same. You may also support your application with a Statement of Purpose stating reasons for pursuing an international degree, your interests, and career goals. You may also provide a letter of professional recommendation.

Process of applying for a MBA at a US university

Quite often students are confronted with questions like when does the admission process begin, deadlines for the same, what is the process of applying at a USA university, and so on. The good news is that applying for a MBA degree at an international level is not as cumbersome as it seems to be.

You may simply follow the below-mentioned steps and have a hassle-free admission process.

  1. Research for management universities

    The first step is to check various US universities offering MBA degree. You may shortlist those universities that offers courses based on your area of specialization.
  2. Check the eligibility criteria

    You may then check whether or not you meet the eligibility criteria required by the university. Some universities require applicants to give a GMAT or a GRE test . Besides this, you also need to display proficiency in English by clearing exams such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  3. Submit your admission application

    You may then submit your application form. Along with the admission form, it is necessary to provide a Statement of Purpose, resume, business school essays, recommendation letters, and academic transcripts.
  4. Apply for a US student visa

    Upon receiving confirmation from your university, you may then apply for a US student visa. You may then pay your fees and secure your position at the university successfully.

The academic value of a student increases in the job market if he/she has post-graduated from a US university. You may therefore reach great heights in your career. So, go ahead and pursue your academic dreams!