MS in Australia

Masters in australia

We at Study and Work Abroad, agree with every student out there that choosing the right university to pursue a master’s degree could be quite daunting, Hence we’re here to give you a helping hand and guide you through this more seamlessly. Since the list of countries offering the best masters degree is pretty vast, we’re here to tell you why many students prefer to take up their masters in Australia.

But what is so special about Australia that attracts students from across the globe? When we talk about Australia, the only thing that comes to mind is that it is the land of the Kangaroo but that’s not all, places such as the great barrier reef, those white sand beaches etc make Australia a fun place to be in. Australia has always been on one’s travel bucket list but this has dramatically changed ever, since people have now started to look upon it as the best destination for students looking for an international master's degree. Students who are currently pursuing their ms in Australia will soon realize, that they’ve taken the right decision.

Perks of studying in Australia:

  1. The Australian student visa

    The Australian Student Visa is very versatile. It enables you to work for upto 40 hours per fortnight during your semester, this will allow you to earn an income to cover up for your cost of living, accommodation etc. Since you’d be working on a part time basis, it won’t away much of your time, therefore giving you plenty of time to do your studies as well. Also, it allows you to work for unlimited hours during your semester breaks. So you can work as per your convenience, for as long as you want and simultaneously utilize this income in exploring Australia to the fullest.
  2. Top of the line Universities

    Australia is a culmination of the world's best universities. Considering the fact that a large number of international students have strongly contributed to the economy of Australia the government has taken special interest in regulating the educational sector, thus bringing in the presence of many Australian universities among the top 100 of the overall world ranking.
    Following are the top universities in Australia:
  3. Apart from this Australia is also a culturally diverse country, which means you’ll come across people from different countries, following different cultures, it will give you an experience of a lifetime. We at Study and Work abroad assure you quality service, so that you can fulfill your dream of studying abroad in a hassle free manner and also earn yourself a job, on your own merit.