New Zealand Airline Academy – Introduction

Aviation has now become a very popular field of study. Many students wish to pursue a career in aviation and get their wings in the air. Yes, pun intended, of course! Some dream to become pilots, while some wish to become flight attendants. Some wish to be in aviation maintenance, while some are interested in air traffic control. Indeed, the aviation industry has some exciting opportunities. If you wish to be successful in this industry, just keep one thing in mind – all you need to have is the passion for flying.

If you already have that passion and want to experience your dream in motion, then you may certainly explore the New Zealand Airline Academy (NZAA), located at Oamaru, Waitaki District. The academy is located in the airport terminal of Oamaru airport.

Since this flight academy is situated in New Zealand, you may enjoy all that the country has to offer - picturesque landscape, innovative and modern society, favorable climatic conditions, political stability, clean atmosphere, and what not. What’s more is that the country has a diverse multi-cultural society. Besides, the Kiwis are known to be a friendly and welcoming lot. You may therefore have a friendly chat with them and probably become buddies for life! Furthermore, New Zealand has been rated as the least corrupt country across the globe for several consecutive years.

Most importantly, New Zealand boasts of having open skies that not only enables students to enjoy flying, but also allows them to view the scenic beauty of the country from above. Besides, the country offers exposure to varied geographical setting and weather patterns, thus making it suitable to study aviation in New Zealand. You may, therefore, fulfil your dream of pursuing a career in aviation from New Zealand.

The New Zealand Airline Academy was started by aviation professionals, who have around two decades of experience helping students choose the best-suited program. These professionals themselves have conducted in-depth research before finalizing New Zealand as their preferred option for own training. You are, therefore, rest assured of receiving your training from the best academy.

Thanks to the growing demand for quality pilots and the exponential growth of the aviation sector, these professionals have been sub-contracted by the National Trade Academy (NTA) to provide Commercial Pilot Training for overseas students. The National Trade Academy, located in Christchurch, was set up in the year 2000. It offers numerous Pre Employment Training programmes in various fields, such as horticulture, agriculture, forestry, and equine, among others.

The academy has a vision to be one of the world’s leading airline training solution’s provider. It plans on achieving its vision by educating and training the next generation of aviation professionals to be the world-best leaders in the aviation industry. The flight academy also focuses on imparting training that is highly conscious of safety and security. If you are looking to pursue a career in aviation, then NZAA is undoubtedly one of the best place to begin your training.

Courses Offered

The training syllabus includes both practical and theoretical sessions. Students need to have at least 400 hours of theory classes. Besides, students also get an opportunity of mountain flying, as it part of the Private Pilot License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL) training.

New Zealand Airline Academy offers various courses to help you experience your dream in motion. You may explore the following courses and choose the one that suits your personal interests.

a) Private Pilot License
This course allows you to act as a Pilot-in-Command. This program mandates 6 theory exams, 50 hours of flying and a practical flight test. However, it is important to note that you cannot work for a salary if you are a PPL holder.

b) Commercial Pilot License
The Commercial Pilot License program is exclusively designed for those students who wish to move ahead after the PPL program into becoming a commercial pilot. You are required to clear 6 theory tests, cross-country flight test, CPL flight test, and 200 hours of total flying time, which includes 100 hours of solo flying and 100 hours of dual time or lower). Upon completion of the CPL program, you will be able to work as a pilot in leading airlines.

c) Instrument Rating
This program is a must for those who wish to make a career as an airline pilot. Instrument rating (IR) indicates navigation of the aircraft by merely having a look at the instruments on the aircraft and radio signals from the ground. You may complete this program within 3-4 months. Instrument Rating program requires completion of 3 theory examinations, IR flight test, 20 hours simulator time, and 20 hours aircraft time.

d) Instructor Rating
Those who hold a CPL with 150 hours of Pilot-in-command time are eligible for this program. Completion of this course allows you instruct student pilots. To pass this course, it is mandatory to complete 25 hours dual flight training with B Cat, Instructional Technic Course, flight test, and 1 hour of spinning. The duration of the Instructor Rating course is 4-6 months.

e) Frozen ATPL
On completing the Frozen ATPL course, you may begin Command training once you meet the necessary hours on the type of aircraft. You are required to give seven theory exams to successfully complete the course, and upgrade yourself from First Officer to Captain.

In order to enroll for any of the aforementioned courses, it is mandatory to meet the eligibility criteria. You must be 18 years of age, and must have the highest educational certificate from India. Besides, you are required to clear Class 2 medicals – ‘FIT’ for PPL or Class 1 medical ‘FIT’ for CPL of CAA NZ. You are also needed to prove proficiency in English language, and hence must have completed IELTS with a minimum score of 5.5.

Amenities offered

You may be pleased to know that NZAAL offers accommodation facilities to students. You may therefore avail of students boarding & lodging at the student accommodation, which is located in Oamaru town. Every student has an independent ensuite room, which is fully furnished with a mattress, bed, chair, wardrobe, and study table. Accommodation rates also include other benefits, such as breakfast, packed lunch, dinner, power, and internet.

Since the accommodation is around 15kms from the airport, a van service is provided to students at fixed times. Students who wish to travel on their own terms are however allowed to do so.

In case you wish to take up a job and your student visa conditions allow you to do so, you may work for around 20 hours per week. This allows you to meet your lifestyle expenses while in New Zealand.

You may avail of such opportunities at New Zealand Airline Academy and pursue your dream in New Zealand.