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The advantages of studying at a foreign university are numerous. A foreign degree helps you move forward in your career. Employers look out for individuals who have international exposure, thus providing you an opportunity to gain employment at the best firms in the industry. What’s more is that the impact of studying abroad is not only extended towards professional development, but also towards personal growth. You acquire a unique set of skills that distinguishes you from the others. You may also explore a new country, make new friends, broaden your networks, learn a new language, and immerse yourself in a new culture. Indeed, studying abroad is a transformational experience.

In case you wish to pursue your further education in technology, you may consider New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology (NHAIT). This institute is an authorised Registered Training Organisation by the government of Australia. It boasts of being a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner for the past 10 years. With over 250 technology centres spread across the globe and 35-years in the industry, NHAIT is the perfect place for you.

HNHAIT has three campuses in Australia – New Horizons Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Sydney campus is situated in the heart of CBD and is easily accessible from Town Hall train station. This campus is known for its multi-cultural hub and its sense of openness. The other campus, located at Melbourne, is situated right in the centre of the city. In your free time, you may explore all that Melbourne city has to offer - music shops, street art, small cafes, and so much more. You may also consider the Brisbane campus, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, cool climate, and the Great Barrier Reef.

All three NHAIT campuses offer technology training, both to prospective students as well as corporate organizations. You may enhance your knowledge in this field by enrolling for any of the short courses, certifications or qualification level courses. You may learn more about office applications, graphic design, process management, cloud technologies, software development, data management, and project management, among others. The institute provides flexible delivery methods and offers dedicated New Horizons learning advisors to help you meet your goals.

Courses Offered

The New Horizons training courses meet the requirements needed by Australian Qualifications Framework. Diploma courses are qualified at level 5 (AQF5), while advanced diplomas are at level 6. Graduate diplomas and graduate certificates qualify at level 8 of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

With the variety of New Horizon training courses available, choosing the best course based on your field of interest may be a cumbersome task. The good news is that NHAIT offers a ‘Qualifications Guide,’ – a handbook that provides a summary of the courses available for international students. You may therefore explore various options and select the most ideal one.

Following are the courses offered by NHAIT:

  • Diploma of Project Management
  • Diploma of Information Technology
  • Advanced Diploma of Information Technology
  • Graduate Certificate of Information Technology And Strategic Management
  • Graduate Diploma of Telecommunications And Strategic Management

As part of your study, you may obtain internationally recognised Vendor Certifications. These include certifications such as CompTIA, ITIL, Java8 Eclipse, PRINCE2, Adobe, andNew Horizons Microsoft training, among others. Not many universities provide such a benefit. With these certifications in your kitty, you may look to get hired by the best employers in the industry.

Amenities Offered

A support system is an important aspect of an academic program success. The facilities and amenities offered by a university provide support to students when they need it the most. And this is exactly why NHAIT offers numerous resources to their students.

You may avail of the benefit of the NHAIT Student Study Guide. This handbook offers a dearth of information about what you should know while studying at NHAIT. It contains details about your rights and responsibilities, refund policy, cancellation policy, and information about your studying process.

Moving to a new country is indeed an overwhelming task. You may need information on where to live, which campus to study at, where to find jobs, and so much more. NHAIT simplifies this work for you. You may refer to the International Student Prospectus Guide, which contains useful links about traveling in Australia, and places to find part time work, among others.

It is mandatory for all international students applying for an Australian student visa to have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). To reduce the hassles involved with searching for the best health cover, NHAIT has partnered with Cohort OSHC. You may therefore compare and buy a health cover through their partner portal.

International students are often burdened with the responsibility of finding accommodation in a new country. NHAIT caters to this need by offering accommodation and transfer service options through their portal Cohort Arrivals. You may therefore choose from various options and book transport and accommodation even before you leave your home!

On campus, you may enjoy free unlimited Wi-Fi, dedicated student lounges, kitchen facilities, refreshments, and tech-services such as study labs and classrooms. You may avail of such amenities and make your New Horizons learning experience a fruitful one.

University pathways

A USP of NHAIT is its pathway programs. Students can pathway to degree programs at Western Sydney University, Southern Cross University, University of Southern Queensland and Griffith University. In case you do not meet the entry requirements to gain admission to these top universities, you may enroll for a pathway program at NHAIT. Such a program helps you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to help you gain admission at a later stage and you can get cross credits from your diploma towards your degree at these Universities. The institute also offers English language pathways. In case you need to increase your IELTS score before studying at NHAIT, you may enroll for the English language pathway program.

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