An Overview

Regenesys is a leading global business school headquartered in the heart of the financial district of Sandton, Johannesburg in South Africa with corporate offices in Mumbai, India and Lagos, Nigeria. Since 1998, Regenesys has been chosen by over 100 000 students and 1 000 reputable local and international clients in some 195 countries to be a preferred education provider. Regenesys is one of the most entrepreneurial, innovative, technologically advanced and fastest-growing business schools. Regenesys is the most entrepreneurial, innovative, technologically advanced, fastest growing, and truly global business school with schools in India and Nigeria.

Holistic Education
Regenesys approaches education and development holistically: intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We refer to spirituality as being guided by your purpose in life and being driven by your core values such as integrity, trust, respect, etc. Their learning programmes are designed to inspire and transform your mind, heart and soul, and develop the positive values, attitudes and behaviours required for success.


  • The business school that has students from 200 countries from across the world
  • Over 1000 most reputable local and international corporate clients
  • The highest number of full-time staff, about 200, and intellectual capacity with 70 full-time staff with Masters degrees and 15 with PhDs
  • The most entrepreneurial and innovative Business School
  • The only South African truly international business school with operations in India and Nigeria
  • The only business school in South Africa located in Sandton, the most prestigious, and richest square mile in Africa and home to Africa’s largest organisations
  • Business school built on foundations of EQ and SQ
  • The only Business School that has wellness centre and offers free yoga classes, stress management, diet, health and other wellness services
  • The business school that has over 500 MBA students
  • The fastest growing business school in Africa
  • Technologically the most advanced business school in South Africa
  • ISO 9001:2008 international accreditation, for quality management systems meeting international standards.
  • Accredited by 15 authorities including the Council on Higher Education and several SETAs
  • Level 3 BBBEE contributor, for Black Economic Empowerment

Areas of Specialization

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PDBM)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Banking
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Retail Management
  • Master of Public Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management

Entrance Requirements

Program Admission Requirement
MBA 2 years A three-year degree (NQF level 7) or
Postgraduate diploma (NQF level 8) or
An honours degree (NQF level 8) and
Relevant work experience
PDBM A three-year degree (NQF level 7) and
Relevant work experience
BBA NQF level 4 qualification
(e.g. Senior Certificate/O Levels) and
Basic computer skills
Higher Certificate


Program Fees USD Semester USD Year USD
(2 year programme)
$23,800 Full
payment in advance
per semester x 4
per year x 2
(1 year programme)
$7,620 Full
payment in advance
per semester x 2
(3 year programme)
$21,900 Full
payment in advance
per semester x 6
per year x 3

Campus Life

Environment – Regenesys campus is at the heart of the Sandton business district with corporate office blocks, hotels and shopping facilities surrounding it. Although students can dress to blend in with business environment, Regenesys respects you as a discerning individual who can choose code of dress appropriately according to your day’s programme. English is the language of choice and the medium of instruction.

Meals – All students receive free meals when attending class at the Regenesys Campus in Sandton. Outside formal class schedules, the campus has a canteen from where students can purchase their own meals.

Leisure – Regenesys have further negotiated excellent travel packages with a local tour operator, enabling students to visit the best travel destinations in South Africa at excellent rates. We also organise regular social activities and outings, to give students a break from class, and to expose them to the most exciting attractions in South Africa.

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