Selkirk College

Selkirk College was founded in 1966 in British Columbia, Canada, and is this region’s first community college. It has five campuses and three learning centers. This college offers 60 programs and has more than 2400 full-time students.

Programs in Selkirk College are designed in a way that they follow the guidelines established by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education or CAFCE, in consultation with federal and provincial governments. Students have shared their rich industry experiences. Employers come to the campus regularly to post their jobs in a wide variety of disciplines for the Selkirk College students. Students can get hired on a trial basis or permanent basis. Students can also get hired for short-term employment. For example they can get hired during vacations, for short training programs or for special projects.

Going Global is a country’s leading provider of information of over 600,000 internships and job listings. Selkirk College has partnered with it and the students immensely benefit from this partnership as they get access to volunteer as well as paid work internships all across the world.

Student services offered

  • It is home to over 11,000 students each year, spread across all its eight locations.
  • Students can take advantage of the college’s transfer courses by which they can transfer to a university of their choice and pursue any specific course.


  • Besides being the oldest community college in British Columbia, Selkirk is also lead in environmental sustainability. It has implemented several initiatives for enhancing campus life and its neighborhood.
  • The college is also a member of the Regional Innovation Chair in Rural Economic Development, the MIR Centre for Peace, the Selkirk College Geospatial Research Centre and the Rural Development Institute.

Study Areas

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Gernotological Nursing
  • Business Administration
  • Culinary Management
  • Digital Arts & New Media
  • Early Childhood Care & Education
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Music & Technology
  • Nursing
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Accounting
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management

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