Skyline International College

Sydney, Australia’s best-known city, is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Not surprisingly, it attracts international students from all across the globe. According QS Best Student Cities 2017 survey, Sydney stands at the 13th spot beating other popular cities. International students choose Sydney as their preferred study abroad destination due to numerous reasons, such as world-class educational institutions, pleasant weather, multi-cultural society, global network development, and breathtaking landscapes. Besides, international students are allowed to work up to 40 hours per fortnight. This allows them to earn while studying.

Among the numerous top-notch educational institutions in Sydney, one of the most famous and well-renowned one is Skyline International College (SIC). The college, situated in the center of Burwood, is committed to deliver quality education and student satisfaction. The faculty and teachers encourage you to attain your goals, and help you develop self-confidence. SIC constantly strives to provide high level of education that empowers students to reach their maximum potential. You may therefore choose SIC to expand your skill set and knowledge, thereby improving your career prospects.

Skyline has its niche forte in three fields, namely accounting, business and information technology. There are various Skyline college programs offered under each of these fields. You may explore these courses and choose the one that caters to your interests and requirements.

It is important to note that the academic year at SIC is generally 36 weeks. The course is divide into 4 terms, each of 9 weeks. It is mandatory for students to study for a minimum of 20 hours each week.

Skyline International College offers various education support strategies to help you excel in your studies. Trainers conduct interesting lectures to help you understand the topic in a simplified manner. Besides, you may receive individual in-class support. Through the facility of an online platform as well as textbooks, you may study at your own pace. The good news is that SIC offers additional study tutorial times to help you work in smaller groups with your trainer. Through such benefits, you are assured of receiving quality education at SIC.

Courses Offered

If you are interested in pursuing your further education in business, accounting or information technology, then Skyline International College is the perfect place for you. This educational institution offers numerous courses that makes you ready to take up a job in the industry. Their courses are designed exclusively to help you meet your career aspirations.

Courses in Accounting

Accountants help make a huge difference in businesses and society at large. The scope of accountancy is extensive, and hence many wish to pursue their further studies in this field.

You may choose from the following Skyline college courses in accountancy.

  • a) Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • b) Diploma of Accounting
  • c) Advanced Diploma of Accounting

Courses in Business:

The importance of business studies cannot be undermined. This field of study is very practical and opens various doors of opportunities. You may therefore consider business management as a career option and expand your horizons.

Following in a list of business courses offered at SIC.

  • a) Certificate IV in Business
  • b) Diploma of Leadership and Management

Information Technology courses:

In this digital era, the scope of IT is vast. It is indeed an exciting area for study and future work opportunities. In case IT excites you, you may choose from among the following courses at SIC.

  • a) Certificate IV in Information Technology
  • b) Diploma of Information Technology
  • c) Advanced Diploma of Network Security
  • d) Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology

Amenities Offered

On your first day in college, the student services staff conducts an orientation programme to help you familiarize with aspects of the college. This orientation provides information on rules of the college, attendance requirements, available facilities and resources, and course delivery schedule, among others. You may therefore benefit from this orientation programme and be prepared for your journey at SIC.

Students arriving at Sydney airport may avail of airport pick up services at a certain cost. What’s more is that SIC provides accommodation through their preferred home-stay and accommodation service provider in the city. You therefore need not worry about accommodation or airport transfers, and may simply bank on SIC to take care of your needs.

SIC offers a strong support system to help international students make the most of their time in college. Through its numerous student facilities, students are rest assured of having an enriching experience on campus. SIC houses a suite of offices, counselling rooms, meeting rooms, and has a warm & welcoming reception. The college also boasts of fully resourced classrooms and computer rooms, student open space, computers with access to the Internet, photocopier and printer. The college also has an online learning platform to facilitate self-learning. Other available facilities include legal services, Skyline college counseling services, student support services, health services, besides others.

It is mandatory for all international students applying for an Australian student visa to have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). To reduce the hassles involved with searching for the best health cover, SIC offers to make an arrangement of OSHC on behalf of you. You may therefore bank on the college to help you obtain a health insurance cover.

Leaving home and moving to another country is a challenging task for many. Through the availability of a strong support system, you may ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition to the new city.

Pathway programs

A USP of Skyline International College is its pathway programs. You may avail of these pathway programs to gain admission at Australian universities as well as other higher education providers.

If you have completed your Diploma or Advanced Diploma with SIC, you become eligible to receive credit for a Bachelor’s degree program. Some of the pathway courses offered are Diploma of Accounting, Advanced Diploma of Accounting, Diploma of Information Technology, Advanced Diploma of Network Security, and Diploma of Leadership and Management.

Through these courses, you may gain the necessary skills and knowledge to help you obtain admission at the university of your choice. You may benefit from such pathway programs and streamline your study plan quite easily.

ESOS Framework

The Australian government has administered the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and the National Code 2017 with respect to delivering education to international students in Australia.

The Act establishes legislative requirements for quality assurance of training and educational institutions. Besides, the ESOS framework also provides tuition fee protection to overseas students. This framework ensures that international students coming to Australia find the country safe, enjoyable and rewarding.