An Overview

Have you always dreamt of studying in a Business School in France? France is a country that offers multiple opportunities to students wishing to develop their competencies in Business Management. EM Strasbourg Business School is undoubtedly the identity element which sets it apart from other schools. This is a long-standing tradition for which EM Strasbourg Business School is regularly recognised by the media as one of France’s top Grande Ecoles: in Le Point’s ranking of February 2010, EM Strasbourg is no. 1 for the international criterion. Strasbourg is a European capital and also a student and cultural capital; add to this the dynamism of the Alsace Region and the presence of a high-quality technical school in the heart of the city: you will be an integral part of a dynamic and international environment.


  • International Business School – 200 partner companies and a network of its 15,000 alumni provide valuable support to the academic corporate organization.
  • Faculty – The faculty of EM Strasbourg Business School comprises university professors involved in re-
    search as well as over 500 managers and directors from the national and international corporate
    environment bringing a more practical approach to the table.
  • Privileged Location – EM Strasbourg Business School is just a short 10-minute tram or bike-ride from the city center. The Esplanade district offers comprehensive facilities, including shops and services, bookshops, estate-agencies, copy and binding shops, fast-food restaurants and parks.
  • Libraries – The University of Strasbourg Library Network consists of 31 libraries. EM Strasbourg Business School hosts the largest economics and management library in the East of France with 40,000 publications
    specializing in administration, finance, management, marketing and economics.
  • UNESCO World Heritage City – Strasbourg has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1988. The Alsatian capital is famous for its spectacular Gothic Cathedral, its picturesque “La Petite France” and its medieval churches, buildings and half-timbered houses. At the heart of Franco-German friendship, the city of Strasbourg is a symbol of the reconciliation of the two countries.


EM Strasbourg offers a Master’s in International & European Business as a two year fulltime course and included in our Programme Grande Ecole. It is designed to train and educate work-ready managers and to help them establish careers in an international and European context. The program is focused on the practical implementation of specialized knowledge within the realms of International & European Business Law, Economics, Strategy, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management. The Business School is not only committed to giving students the theoretical knowledge to establish international careers but also on giving them the practical tools to
help them integrate and manage culturally within an international and multicultural environment.

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