Top Universities

Though Europe may be the second-smallest continent, it claims many of the top universities in the world. Europe is home to numerous prestigious universities and hence attracts students from all across the globe. If you wish to fulfill your dream of pursuing your higher education in Europe, the first countries that come to mind are generally Germany, Spain and France. Indeed, the scope to Study in France for Indian Students is huge. However, other popular study destinations in the region includes Sweden, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Portugal. .

Universities in Europe have a strong education system combined with unique cultures and other facilities like research centers, libraries, latest technologies, and much more. Students therefore get an opportunity to learn beyond their textbooks, and also get to experience the exciting campus lifestyle. European universities also offer numerous courses to suit the varied interests and the profile of students. Various countries in Europe and their universities are all very different – in terms of language, living costs, and lifestyle. It is therefore imperative to do a thorough research before choosing a particular European country and university.

Following is a list of the top universities in Europe.
France Universities

Lithuania Universities

Georgia Universities

Germany Universities

Portugal Universities

Spain Universitiess

Switzerland Universities