Why Study in Singapore?

Singapore is best known for its success – transforming itself from a developing country to a modern industrial economy within a short span of time. The education system in Singapore has consistently been one of the best in the world. Right from the beginning, the country believed that education was the main block to restructure both the economy and the nation. It is due to this attitude that the country boasts of the best educational practices around the globe.

If you wish to pursue a higher education program, Singapore is the place to do it from. The country is known for its vibrancy and its friendly environment. Besides, universities have top class facilities and also pursue inspirational learning, thus enriching the lives of students through new skills and overall development.

Following are the top reasons to do your higher studies at ‘The Little Red Dot’ – Singapore.

World class educational systems
Singapore has positioned itself for its educational excellence. The country has evolved from the earlier British-based educational system to a system that meets the needs of individuals. Universities in Singapore not only prepare students for the modern world, but also for a world where jobs have yet to be invented. So much is the progress in the country.

Earn while you study
International students in Singapore are allowed to work up to 16 hours per week during the course. During holidays, however, students are allowed to work full-time. This allows international students to cover the basic cost of living in the country, while pursuing their education at the same time.

Career opportunities
Due to its superiority in the field of education, employers both in Asia and all across the globe seek for graduates from Singapore universities. A Singaporean degree therefore opens up many doors, not only in terms of job opportunities, but also in terms of future prospects.

Bilingual policy
The strength of the educational system in Singapore is due to its bilingual policy. English is often spoken along with Malay/Mandarin/Tamil. However, English is used for education, and hence classroom instructions and lectures are held in English. This ensures that students coming from other countries have a smooth transition process into the new environment without much difficulty.

High level of safety
Singapore attributes its low crime rate due to strictly enforced laws. The country’s streets and public transportation is therefore secure for wanderers. According to Legatum Institute, a London-based research institute, Singapore is the safest city in the world as per 2016 data. The country is also a clean city, with strict anti-litter policies in place. Additionally, Singapore is the greenest city in Asia in spite of it being completely urbanized.

High standard of living
One of the main reasons why expats travel to Singapore is to experience the way of life in the country. Singapore has a high standard of living. According to a survey conducted by ECA International in 2016, Asian expatriates ranked Singapore as their preferred city to live in. This is due to the high quality of life, high standards of infrastructure, good healthcare systems, political stability, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.