Why Study in South Africa?

Affordable fees, reputation of higher education, lower cost of living, and currency are few of the factors that are pulling international students to the country of South Africa. Also known as the ‘Rainbow Nation,’ South Africa boasts of cultural diversity, especially in the wake of apartheid. Besides, the country is known to have sunny, warm weather throughout most of the year, which makes going out quite pleasant. Additionally, the 3,000 kilometers of rugged coastline, forests, mountains, deserts and much more are a plus point. South Africa is therefore attracting students from all across the globe due to such varied reasons.

Following are a few reasons why you should choose South Africa as your preferred destination for a study abroad program.

Wide range of study options
Universities in the country are divided into three categories – traditional universities, universities of technology and comprehensive universities. While traditional universities have their main focus on academics, universities of technology are vocational in nature. Comprehensive universities, on the other hand, provide a combination of both the aforementioned types of qualification.

Exciting campus life
The universities in South Africa have campuses that boast of multicultural academic, social and civic activities. So much so, diversity is become an integral part of the universities. Students from different cultures bond and begin to share their traditions, cultures, and much more.

Work while you study
If you are in South Africa on a study permit, you may work up to 20 hours per week. This gives you the ability to cover your cost for living in the country, which includes expenses for accommodation, food, among others.

Mesmerizing natural beauty
From majestic mountains to exotic beaches, the country has it all. There are plenty of beautiful beaches in the country – the best one located in Cape Town. South Africa is also known for its wildlife – especially that at the Kruger National Park. You may spot the ‘Big Five’ at this place - the lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros. You may also view the incredible landscapes of the country, which includes the Valley of Desolation, Bourke's Luck, among many others.